quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

Melancholy Beginning - Corpus Christii

My suffering is my only possession
Pain, my lover, cruelty, my master
Your flesh my loyal obsession
Your pain my salvation I'm after

The evening moon witnesses all
From my gutted stomach to my bashed head
Pleasure shall be my downfall
And agony, my glorious death

My suffering is all I have left over
Pain my only friend
Your flesh my rotten lover
Your pain my final end

The morning sun sees all
From my shredded skin to my broken bones
Pleasure shall be my downfall
And agony my comforting home

Corpus Christii – Tormented Belief – 2003 – full length

[E há quem julgue que o Romantismo só existe nas selectas literárias do século passado!]

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